GFYP001: Obsessör – Black Thrashing Blasphemy CD   SOLD OUT

GFYP002: Beer Pressure – The Four Drunkards Of The Alköcalypse CD

GFYP003: Bulldozing Bastard – Bulldozing The Vatican CD

GFYP004: Evoked – Return Of The Dead MC + Patch

GFYP005: Burstin Out – Hell Commands… CD

GFYP006: Turbocharged – Area 666 LP & MC

GFYP007: Graveyard After Graveyard – Bagged And Dragged To A Fullmoon Burial CD

GFYP008/GOATKULT006: Slaughter Messiah – Putrid Invokation MLP

GFYP009: Obscyria – Nefarious Sanctuary CD/LP/MC

GFYP010 Turbochargerd – Militant CD/LP/MC

GFYP011 Violentor – Maniacs CD/LP/MC

GFYP012 Luzifer – Rise 7″  SOLD OUT

GFYP013 Turbocharged/Evoked/Violentor/Obscyria – 13  7″

GFYP014 Hellsodomy – Chaostorm CD/LP/MC

GFYP015 Evoked – Lifeless Allurement MLP

GFYP016 Graveyard Ghoul – Slaughtered. Defiled. Dismembered. LP/MC