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CD: Avenger – Beast Of Anger ✢ Joy Of Despair Extirpation – Reverse The Reality V.A. – Hail To Bombarder Latest arrivals: 7″: Cadaveric Poison – Fight For Evil Graveyard After Graveyard – Out From The Crypt And Into The… Continue Reading →


GRAVEYARD AFTER GRAVEYARD – Bagged and dragged to a fullmoon Burial CD Filthy Speed Thrash Death Black Metal!! A project with: Jocke R. (ex-PAGANIZER, SINNERS BURN) on drums, Rogga J. (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER etc.) on guitar, bass and vocals and Mika… Continue Reading →

New on stock!!!

LP: Beyond – Fatal Power Of Death Blood Revolt – Indoctrine Hades Archer / Slaughtbbath – Circus of Abominations / Antichristos Thanatos Skelethal – Deathmanicvs Revelation MC: Bölzer – Aura Nuclear Magick – Priest Of The Bomb


LPs: Obsessör – Assassins Of The Pentagram Quintessenz – Back To The Cult Of The Tyrants Witching Hour – Where Pale Winds Take Them High 7″: Obsessör – Black Magic Rites (both black and white version) CD: Front Beast –… Continue Reading →

New on stock

Burstin‘ Out – Outburst Of Blasphemy LP Delirium Tremens – Read My Fist LP Triumphant – Herald The Unsung LP

New on stock!

Black Force / Fröst Rot – Dungeon Depravity MC Warlust – Unholy Attack MC

New on stock

Sabbat – Sabbatical Malaysiaaarrghh

10 % opening discount in the webshop

The 10 % opening discount in the webshop is still valid until august 15, 2014.

Evoked live in Bielefeld in october 2014

Evoked will share stage with Bulldozing Bastard, Graveyard Ghould and Securitate on oct. 18, 2014.

Problems fixed

Carrier problems in the shop are fixed.

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